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​​​​Alisha Anderson

                                            Alisha Anderson has studied ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and modern dance since her childhood.  She                                                   graduated from Missouri State University in 2010 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance and a                                                    minor in French.  She has attended an intensive training session with the New York Baroque                                                         Dance Company Historical Dance Workshop, where she studied pre-classic dance forms and                                                         styles, as well as master classes with Momix, Parsons Dance Company, Alvin Ailey II, Steve Rooks                                              and Missouri Contemporary Ballet Company.  She has been a part of the Ozark Dance Academy family for years, as a student, part of the spring performance backstage team, and now as a faculty member specializing in creative movement, ballet, jazz and tap for the younger dancers. 

Julia Bubalo 

                                           Julia Bubalo began her dance training at the age of seven in Westerville, Ohio. By the age of ten, she                                             was dancing as a scholarship student through the Ford Foundation, a national program to assist                                                     gifted young dancers. This gave her an opportunity to train with Tatjana Akinfieva-Smith and to                                                   dance with Ballet Met, a professional company in Columbus, Ohio. In addition, she studied with the                                             Dayton Ballet, in Dayton, Ohio and at the School of American Ballet in New York.
                                           In 1987, she moved to Las Vegas where she trained with the Nevada Dance Theatre and traveled                                                     with them to Moscow, Russia. After moving to Memphis, TN, she performed with the Mid-South Dance Theatre.
In 1991, she moved to Springfield, MO and began teaching ballet for Springfield Ballet while she completed a degree in Business Administration from Drury University. In 1994, she founded the Ozark Dance Academy where she continues to teach, choreograph and direct. Ms. Bubalo was an adjunct staff instructor in the Theatre and Dance Department at Missouri State University between 2003-2017. She is currently teaching company class for PETRA Ballet Company. In May 2019, she married Jeffery Alderman and will be changing her name to Julia Alderman AKA Bubalo.

Laura Nowakowski

                                                 Laura is a 2017 graduate of Ozark High School, where she performed with the Dance Team                                                        for two years and won the Dance Talent Contest her junior and senior years. She was formally                               trained at Ozark Dance Academy and found her passion to be Hip-Hop. In regional                                                                          competitions, she choreographed and performed winning Hip-Hop solos. 
                                                  She joins Ozark Dance Academy for a second season teaching Hip-Hop - one of her favorite                                                      things to do!
                                                  Laura is a member of Springfield Dance Alliance and teaches at Divinity Dance. 

Sarah Shepard

                                             Sarah is from Franklin, North Carolina. She started dancing at age three, and in June                                                                   concluded her fifteenth year at Betsy’s School of Dance. In those fifteen years, Sarah was                                                           instructed and trained in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, and African                                                     Fusion. She also received instruction in ballet and pointe in ballet and pointe from Triple                                                           Threat Performing Arts Academy for two years.
                                             Sarah performed in three productions of the Nutcracker and has also performed with United                                                   Praise Team. She participated in Overlook Theatre Company for ten years, where she acted,                                                     danced, and choreographed several pieces. She also attended Jump and Fusion dance convention and competition. Sarah participated in the spring intensive at Ad Deum in  Houston, Texas, as well as summer intensives at the Orlando Ballet and Nashville Ballet . Sarah feels strongly called to dance ministry and dances professionally with  PETRA Ballet Company. 

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                                               Though her interests are diverse, Kaylee has always been drawn to dance for self-expression.                                                     She began her training in ballet, tap, and jazz 20 years ago in Blue Springs, MO. As she grew                                                      older, she became heavily involved with theatre and participated in over 30 productions.                                                              During her collegiate career, Kaylee was involved with the Drury Dance Team, choreographed                                                  for musicals, and traveled as an adjunct choreographer for Kansas City studios. This is her                                                          fifth year as part of the ODA family. She continues her involvement following graduation with her B.S. in behavioral neuroscience with minors in chemistry and psychology and is in graduate school at Missouri State University. 

Kaylee Mathiason


Hayley Reeder


                                                                                               Hayley has been dancing since the age of 6. Her first stage role was as Fritz in Springfield                                                          Ballet’s Nutcracker production. She has competed in Tap and Hip-hop at Showbiz; in                                                                    Clogging Nationals at Nashville; and Jazz partnering at Johnny Tremaine; and has completed                                                  level IV Cecchetti. She has also participated in workshops with Steve Rooks, ACDA                                                                          (American College Dance Association), IDA studio in Las Angeles, and AMTC (Actors,                                                                    Models, Talent for Christ) showcases. Hayley is currently majoring in Dance at Missouri 

State University and is involved with Urban dance at Motion Playlist. She has been teaching dance classes locally for six years. When not dancing, Hayley enjoys teaching piano and composing music. 

Nadia Stine

                                                  Nadia recently graduated cum laude from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Fine                                                        Arts in Dance. Nadia started dancing at Ozark Dance Academy at age 10, where she quickly                                                          discovered her love for ballet. Since then, she has danced in the Nutcracker, along with various                                  recitals, community performances, and several national conventions. Nadia recently attended                                                    the Rockette Summer Intensive Program in New York City. Nadia has taught dance locally and                                          globally on trips to Sierra Leone, Africa and India. She  was a member of Inertia Dance                                                                    Company, whose goal is to bring dance to the community. Through the company, she has performed and taught in many schools in the Springfield Public School system. Nadia has performed in many MSU productions and the American Collegiate Dance Association. She dances with Springfield Dance Alliance and desires to promote dancer wellness and performance quality among young dancers.  

Ozark Dance Academy is always looking for people dedicated to instructing and inspiring our youth through music and  dance.  Contact us for more information.

​​​​Brandi Anderson

                                             Brandi Anderson, is an alumna of Ozark Dance Academy, she has a Bachelor of Arts in Music,                                                     minor in dance from Missouri State University. Brandi has continued studying dance and color                                                 guard by attending workshops and master classes when the chance arrives. Brandi has been                                                         performing with the Springfield Dance Alliance since 2013 and has submitted choreography for                                               inclusion in six SDA community concerts. In creative pursuits, she is currently the color guard                                                   equipment/ dance choreographer for the Fair Grove High School marching band. In addition to dance Brandi has an early childhood certification in Montessori education from Hope Montessori Educational Institute in Lake St. Louis where her year long study was integrating music and movement in the Montessori classroom. She also completed level 1 and level 2 of Orff-Schulwerk music training at the University of Missouri, St. Louis. Music and movement truly go hand in hand which is what drew her to study the Orff-Schulwerk method, as almost every music lesson can be presented with a movement component. Brandi’s favorite style of dance is contact improvisation because it teaches you to be trusting and fearless.

Jules Appleby

                                                Julianna "Jules" Appleby began her dance training in St. Louis, where she studied a variety of                                                        styles and was heavily involved in dance competitions on the regional and national level. She                                                      attended Webster University in Webster Groves, MO and graduated with her B.F.A. in dance.                                                        She stayed on in St. Louis to teach at a number of studios and then went to Branson to begin                                                          her performing career. During the next five years, she performed at Shoji Tabuchi, Legends In                                                  Concert, Dino's Christmas Extravaganza, and with the Bobby Vinton Show, which also toured to                                                  Las Vegas. During that time, she began teaching water aerobics as well. She has pursued continuing education in the area of aquatic exercise on a variety of levels, from pre-school age children to seniors, and was the Aquatics Coordinator for Cox Health Fitness. Jules is devoted to her husband, two sons, and to continue teaching dance and aquatics.