Caroline Wolfe

                                                Caroline Wolfe 

Laura Nowakowski

                                                Laura is a 2017 graduate of Ozark High School, where she performed with the Dance Team                                                          for two years and won the Dance Talent Contest her junior and senior years. She was                                                                        formally trained at Ozark Dance Academy and found her passion to be Hip-Hop. In regional                                                        competitions, she choreographed and performed winning Hip-Hop solos. 
                                                She joins Ozark Dance Academy for a second season teaching Hip-Hop - one of her favorite                                                        things to do!
                                                Laura is a member of Springfield Dance Alliance and teaches at Divinity Dance.  

Addy Bennett


                                              Addy is trained in Ballet/Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre, and                                                                Ballroom. She has had extensive experience dancing on competition teams and has won several                                                  awards for her solo and group dances. She has traveled throughout America competing at events                                                  including DanceMakers, Hollywood Dance Jamz and Cathy Roe’s Ultimate Dance Competition.                                                      Addy has performed in two productions with The Springfield Ballet, a Cathy Roe production in                                                      Ohio, and a local music video. She has found her passion in teaching dance!


Vallerie Ellingsworth

                                                Caroline Wolfe 

Julia Alderman 

                                             Julia Alderman began her dance training at the age of seven in Westerville, Ohio. By the age of ten,                                               she was dancing as a scholarship student through the Ford Foundation, a national program to                                                         assist gifted young dancers. This gave her an opportunity to train with Tatjana Akinfieva-Smith                                                     and to dance with Ballet Met, a professional company in Columbus, Ohio. In addition, she studied                                                   with the Dayton Ballet, in Dayton, Ohio and at the School of American Ballet in New York.
                                             In 1987, she moved to Las Vegas where she trained with the Nevada Dance Theatre and traveled                                                     with them to Moscow, Russia. After moving to Memphis, TN, she performed with the Mid-South Dance Theatre.
In 1991, she moved to Springfield, MO and began teaching ballet for Springfield Ballet while she completed a degree in Business Administration from Drury University. In 1994, she founded the Ozark Dance Academy where she continues to teach, choreograph and direct. Ms. Bubalo was an adjunct staff instructor in the Theatre and Dance Department at Missouri State University between 2003-2017. She is currently teaching company class for PETRA Ballet Company. In May 2019, she married Jeffery Alderman.

​​​​Alisha Clifton

                                            Alisha Clifton has studied ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and modern dance since her childhood.  She                                                         graduated from Missouri State University in 2010 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance and a                                                      minor in French.  She has attended an intensive training session with the New York Baroque                                                          Dance Company Historical Dance Workshop, where she studied pre-classic dance forms and                                                          styles, as well as master classes with Momix, Parsons Dance Company, Alvin Ailey II, Steve Rooks                                                and Missouri Contemporary Ballet Company.  She has been a part of the Ozark Dance Academy family for years, as a student, part of the spring performance backstage team, and now as a faculty member specializing in creative movement, ballet, jazz and tap for the younger dancers. 

Kaci Parker

                                                Kaci is originally from Forsyth, Missouri. She began dancing at the age of six at Ozark Dance                                                      Academy under the training of Julia Bubalo. She continued her training at Credo Dance                                                                Academy under the leadership of Kate Reigler from 2012-2016. When Petra School of the                                                            Arts opened their door to older students in 2016, Kaci began training with the director of                                                              Petra Ballet Company, Kim Raymond.

                                                Although ballet remains her passion, she has also received training in Contemporary, Jazz,                                                          Irish, and Modern. During her years at Petra School of the Arts, Kaci completed multiple levels of Cechetti graded examinations, receiving excellent scores with each exam. In 2018, Kaci performed the Arabian Variation with the Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker. 

In the fall of 2019, Kaci joined the professional Petra Ballet Company as a student apprentice. She is excited to begin her second year with the company and teaching at Ozark Dance Academy!