Dress Code

Ozark Dance Academy is dedicated to building talented, well-rounded  dancers by providing professional instruction in a variety of styles such as ballet, tap, contemporary, lyrical, modern, jazz, and creative movement. Though we have choreography workshop and competition teams, we are focused on providing foundational technique in an up-beat environment. 

Modesty is a a policy. Legs and midriff must be covered. No blue jeans or jewelry. Hair must be pulled securely out of the face. 

Ballet, Creative Movement, Movement & More  

Classical style leotard, tights (black, pink, or tan), and pink ballet shoes. Please no tutus, puffs, or ruffles. 


Leotard, camisole or T-shirt, and jazz pants, tights, or leggings. Please ask your instructor about shoe style preference. 


Leotard and tights, jazz pants or leggings. Please ask your instructor about shoe style preference. 


Leotard, tights or jazz pants, no shoes. 


Leotard, camisole or T-shirt, tights, shorts, jazz pants or leggings, black split sole tap shoes. 



​​​Ballet ​ |  Class begins with barre work designed to teach body alignment, turn out, and classical ballet technique. Center exercises without barre will develop strength and coordination. 

Creative Movement  |  Instruction is designed to gently introduce children to the dynamics of music and dance through rhythmic movement exercises. 

Contemporary   |  This movement is  a more involved, expressive style, of dance, combining technique and other elements from various styles including jazz, lyrical, and modern. 

Jazz  |  This style forms a link between the beat of the street and dance for musical drama. 

Lyrical  |  A cross between ballet technique and jazz quality, with emphasis on grace and precision in leaps, jumps, and turns. 

Modern  |  A theatrical dance that draws on several styles as well as improvisation. 

Movement  & More  |  This class provides a disciplined, yet fun environment for toddlers, focusing on basic movement, balance, and an introduction to music. Movement & More does not partake in the annual spring performance; however, parents are invited to a studio showing for this class. 

Pre-Pointe/Pointe  |  Participation upon permission. Must be attending two ballet classes per week and be at least 10 years old. 

Tap  |  This class is an up-beat environment geared toward exploring and creating rhythm. 

Choreography Workshop  |  Designed to offer additional performing opportunities to our dedicated students ages 9 and above. As studio ambassadors, the dancers will prepare to perform at selected events representing Ozark Dance Academy for educational and community outreach. Dancers must be enrolled in 2 classes, 1 being ballet. 

*Additional monthly fee is incurred. 

Competition Team  |  Designed to prepare dancers age 9 and up to attend two or more dance competition events where they will perform routines as representatives of Ozark Dance Academy. Dancers must be enrolled in at least 2 classes per week, 1 being ballet. 

*  $75 audition fee