Dance Studios offering instruction in:

Ballet Dance ~ Tap Dance ~ Creative Movement ~ Hip Hop ~ Jazz Dance ~ Modern Dance ~ Lyrical

Dance Programs

With our diverse dance courses, students can gain experience in a wide range of dance styles. The Ozark Dance Academy provides professional dance instruction in the following areas:

Ballet is the foundation for all dance styles taught at Ozark Dance Academy. Ballet Class begins with barre work designed to teach body alignment, turn out and classical ballet technique. Center exercises without the barre develop strength and coordination.

Creative Movement  Instruction is designed to gently introduce children to the dynamics of music and dance through movement and rhythmic exercises. 

Hip Hop Locking, Poppin' and Breakin' Classes begin with a basic warm-up then class will progress with hip-hop combinations.

Jazz dance is a combination of movement that is the link between the beat of the street and dance for musical drama. Learn dance technique while enjoying the rhythm.

Lyrical is a cross between ballet technique and Jazz quality. Contemporary music with graceful movement, leaps, jumps and turns.

Modern  A theatrical dance form that relies on inspiration as the source of movement to make dances. This class draws on several modern dance styles as well as improvisation. Recommended for students with prior dance experience.

Pre-Pointe/ Pointe  Participation with permission. Must be attending two ballet technique classes per week and be at least 10 years old.

Tap is distinguished by loose ankles and rhythmic feet. Tap is a fun way to learn rhythm, balance and coordination.

Competition Team class is designed to prepare dancers age nine and up to attend two or more dance competition events where they will represent Ozark Dance Academy by performing in ensemble dances. Availability for the events and the ability to travel is required. Some dances may be chosen to perform at selected events representing Ozark Dance Academy and in the annual Spring Performance. Dancers are required to attend two dance classes per week, one must be Ballet. Class is Mondays, beginning at 7:00pm. Additional monthly fee incurred as well as the purchase of costume(s).

Choreography Workshop Class is designed to offer additional performing opportunities to our dedicated students ages nine and above. Exercises and performance dances will prepare dancers to participate in and perform at selected events representing Ozark Dance Academy for educational and community outreach. Dancers are required to attend two dance classes per week; one must be Ballet, or with permission. Class is Thursday, 8:00-9:15pm. Additional fee incurred. Scholarships are available.

Cider Days performers must attend the August Workshop, August 4-6; 11-12; September 1-3 6:00 - 8:00pm

Class Level Placement Information

Class levels are designed as a guide; instructors have final approval. We recommend beginning at a lower level and moving up as the skills for the next level are achieved.

Creative Movement (4-5 years old)

Beginning (5-7 years old)

Level I (6-9 years old)

Level II (9-14 years old)

Level III/IV (Attending at least two technique classes weekly)