Theater Etiquette

Recital is June 3rd, 2023

Location: Ozark High School. 

Time: TBA.

  • No food or drink in the theater
  • No running through the aisles or seats
  • All children 8 and under must be supervised. 
  • Dancers should not be in the theater in costume.
  • Please wait till between dances to enter or exit the theater.
  • Please remember we are a guest of the theater please pick up all trash and belongings after the performance.  
  • In studio rehearsals will be Tuesday May 30th and Wednesday May 31st, 2023. (This is closed rehersals, No parents are permitted in the studio during this time.)
  • Tech Rehearsal is Thursday June 1st @ Ozark High School
  • Dress Rehearsal (Mandatory) June 2nd @ Ozark High School
  • ​Parents will drop their child off in the dressing room but may not be backstage or in the dressing room during the performance.  ODA Staff will be backstage to look after and help your child during the performance.  Parents will pick their child back up after the Finale for whichever ACT I or II their child is in. 

(Parents of Creative Movement, Beginning and Level I may help their child get dressed in the dressing room before the performance.  Level II and higher dancers should be able to get themselves ready for their performance with help from ODA staff if needed.)

Costumes Etiquette

  • No food or drink in Costume.
  • Do not wear your costume except for Picture Day, Dress Rehearsal and Recital.  After that you can wear it whenever.  
  • Label your costume inside the tags and inside your shoes.
  • Costumes should not be worn inside the theater before or after the show.  Please bring a cover up and a change of clothes.
  • Costumes are expensive so please be careful and respectful of yours and another dancer.  If you are missing something do not take another dancers costume piece.  Find an ODA Teacher and ask for help.